Accessible cooking class Barcelona hero

Highlights of this tour

  • Four Courses Spanish Cooking class
  • Meal

Accessibility information

  • Ramped entrance: they will place the ramp prior to your arrival
  • Accessible toilet inside the restaurant
  • Flat surface inside
  • Allergies and dietary restrictions considered
  • Table height is 85 cm

What is included?

  • Four course meal
  • One bottle of wine per two persons
  • Water
  • Experience duration: approx 4 hours
  • Spanish or English-speaking chef
  • Set of translated recipes to take home
  • Use of aprons

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Optional adapted transport to the venue
  • Optional private experience
  • Extra drinks
accessible cooking class -wine
accessible cooking class - food
accessible cooking class - kitchen

About this wheelchair accessible cooking class in Barcelona

Good food and Spanish culture go hand in hand. Experience it from up close by joining this epicurean accessible cooking class in Barcelona. The class is designed around a four-course meal. You learn how to cook typical Spanish dishes like Paella and Crema Catalana. You prepare the food yourself with the assistance of an experienced chef and in the company of a small group. Amongst scents, flavors, and good local wine, you discover all the secrets to creating the dishes, exactly as they do in Spain. At the end of the class, you receive a translated set of recipes to take home and impress your friends!

Accessibility information

To enter the venue, you have to take a small step. The staff places a ramp before your arrival. Keep in mind that the height of the cutting table is 85 cm, and they have a toilet that is adapted for wheelchair users.
This tour does not include adapted transportation, but if needed, this can be arranged. For more information about our accessible taxi’s, click on our transfers.

About the venue

The venue is located in the center of the old town in Barcelona. Just a few minutes away from the famous Boqueria market and next to the emblematic columns of the Roman temple of Augustus. The location reflects a balance of modernity and tradition, the same balance they seek while creating their recipes. They believe that the ideal location allows their visitors to enjoy their cooking experience in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Four Courses Spanish Cooking class

The first option is a half-day workshop. This cooking class is limited to 14 people, so reservations are required. The sessions are available every day at 11h00 or 17h00, pending availability. The menu is set and changes around the year following seasonal offers. Still, it should be something similar to seasonal vegetables with Romesco, spinach Catalan style flatbread with confited cod, paella, and Catalan style custard.

They offer different paella options during the week. When they offer a seafood paella, they also serve a vegetarian option. On Saturday evening, Sunday, and Monday, you make a typical Valencian paella that comes with chicken and veggies. There is always a vegetarion option available upon request. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know so that we can accommodate accordingly.

Private Culinary Experience – upon request

Besides the half-day workshop, you can also take part in a private, exclusive culinary experience. This event is only available upon request. The staff starts with a warm welcome, where the chef discusses the menu with the group. The idea of the private sessions is to offer completely personalized choices. The chef provides different alternatives according to your preferences, likes, and dislikes, allergies, and other dietary restrictions. After that, the chef guides you through the recipes step by step. Finally, you get to enjoy a fantastic meal combined with excellent local wines.

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