Wheelchair accessible Russia is the largest country in the world and because of that, it offers so much. You have the historic cities, cultural treasures in the hinterland, peaceful train rides, and untouched nature. The country is divided into nine time-zones, six different climates, it borders fourteen states, and is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia. That’s quite impressive, right?


What to see

The most visited cities in Russia are the capital, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The rural part of the country is also a popular destination for adventurers.

St. Petersburg has a beautiful historic city center. There, you have a phenomenon called ‘The White Nights’ and these take place from May to July. Then the sun just sets for a brief time so it is bright or dusky at night. Other amazing sights in St. Petersburg are the Hermitage Museum, the Catherine Palace, the Church of Spilled Blood, Peterhof, and so much more. You can spend days discovering this wonderful city.

The next city you cannot forget is the capital, Moscow. Two of the most famous sights of Moscow are the Kremlin and the Red Square. But that is not all you can explore in this impressive city. Other highlights are the St. Basil’s Cathedral, the New Maiden Convent, and the Old and New Tretyakov galleries.

Lastly, when traveling through Russia, you cannot forget a visit to Kiev as well. Some of the best places here are Pechersk Lavra, the St. Sophia Cathedral, Independence Square, the Golden Gate, and more.

About Russia

Russia is a gigantic country with a lot to experience. The most interesting features of the country are the fascinating history, the unique nature, and the hospitable people.

The official language in Russia is Russian, a Slavic language with a Cyrillic script. This language is spoken not only in Russia but also by residents of the former Soviet countries around it.

Russian people are known for the hospitable culture. Guests are generally welcomed with the best food and a fair amount of vodka. Important Russian dishes are soups, which are eaten both hot and cold.

Because of the size of the country, it is difficult to put only one climate in Russia. The large, middle part of Russia has a cool continental climate, with rainfall all year round. Winters are long and very cold. Summers are short and warm. In the west of the country, this changes to a mild continental climate. Here too, precipitation can fall all year round, but the temperature differences between summer and winter are generally less extreme. In the far north of Russia, it is cold all year round. There is generally little rainfall here.

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