Russia is the largest country in the world and because it offers so much. You have the historic cities, cultural treasures in the hinterland, peaceful train rides and untouched nature. The country is divided into nine time-zones, six different climates, it borders fourteen states and is situated on two continents, Europe and Asia. That’s quite impressive, right? The most visited cities are the capital, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The rural part of the country is also a popular destination for adventurers.

What to see

St. Petersburg has a beautiful historic city center. Over there, you have a phenomenon called ‘The White Nights’ and these take place from May to July. Then the sun just sets for a brief time so it is bright or dusky at night. Two of the most famous sights of Moscow are the Kremlin and the Red Square. When traveling through Russia, you cannot forget a visit to Kiev as well.

Accessible Russia

Because accessible travel is problematic throughout Russia, it is recommended that visitors make their travel arrangements with professional accessible travel companies.

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