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Our three accessible tours in Rotterdam are suitable for wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, and other travelers. Moreover, every trip is flexible, and we can adapt them to your wishes.

Not far from the Dutch capital, we offer tours in Rotterdam. A city that was mostly bombed during the second world war and therefore many of the architectural masterpieces are not older than only 75 years. Discover the fantastic Markthal, enjoy stunning views from the Erasmus Bridge, check out the Cube houses, and more. Furthermore, not far from Rotterdam, you have the option to visit Kinderdijk. Here is where you learn more about how The Netherlands’ water management, additionally you can see the mills up close by taking an accessible cruise. Click on the tours for more information.


Rotterdam cube houses

Wheelchair Accessible Walking tour through Rotterdam – Approx. 3 hours

This Walking tour brings you through the one city in the Netherlands that can be described as urban: Rotterdam. Rotterdam is about the size of the capital in terms of inhabitants and known for its rugged appearance and down-to-earth culture.

kinderdijk windmills

Wheelchair Accessible tour to Kinderdijk – Approx. 4 hours

Our Accessible tour to the Kinderdijk brings you to the windmills lined up along the water in the South of Holland. The picturesque village allows for great pictures and a relaxing boat ride along the mills.

De Markthal Rotterdam

Wheelchair Accessible Rotterdam and Kinderdijk tour – Approx. 8 hours

This tour brings you to all the wonders Rotterdam offers. From new architectural highlights to the old mills on Kinderdijk. Join us for an unforgettable tour of Rotterdam and its surroundings.

Tours in Rotterdam

With private adapted vehicle, your driver and your private guide will meet you at your accommodation in Rotterdam, or he will meet you at the cruise port. From here, your accessible tour in Rotterdam starts. Discover Rotterdam and Kinderdijk together with your local English-speaking guide. During the tour, your guide tells you everything about the history and the various sights. When the tour ends, your guide brings you back to your accommodation, cruise port, or anywhere in the center of Rotterdam. All our tours in Rotterdam are private, and the itineraries are flexible. Tell us about your wishes, and we will accommodate accordingly.

We aim to reduce the amount of stress and problems that can be faced in traveling with mobility equipment, as damage at the airport or items lost in transit. For that purpose, we offer a variety of adaptive equipment for hire. We offer a wide range of scooter and wheelchair models for use during your holiday. Please consult us for more information.

*We always strive to provide equipment that meets our guest’s needs; however, in some destinations, there are limitations as to the availability of some items.

About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is an important port city located in the Dutch province of South Holland. In terms of residents, Rotterdam is the second city in the Netherlands for already many years. Besides the port function, Rotterdam also has an important regional function in terms of work, culture, education and shopping. In recent years Rotterdam has developed enormously in the field of tourism.  The lesser presence of medieval streets and buildings, is more than offset by beautiful examples of modern architecture, excellent restaurants, pleasant hotels, and fun attractions.