Wheelchair accessible Ireland is the second largest island of the British Isles. It is an independent country and a member of the European Union. So, for those traveling from Europe to Ireland, you can travel with your European ID-card. The green landscapes, ancient castles, and epic viewpoints make it a popular travel destination. And, not to mention, its endless herds of sheep! 


What to see

Of course, the capital city of Dublin should be on your ‘to-see list’. Pay a visit to the Guinness factory for the typical Irish beer. Drink an Irish coffee in one of the many pubs. Go to Temple Bar (bar and street) to enjoy the atmosphere and all the fairy lights at night. Go to Trinity College and see its magnificent library. Once you have seen the capital, it is time you explore all the greenery the country has to offer! Visit a local shepherd and see how his trained dog controls his sheep. We promise you, it is quite the show! Other places worth visiting are Galway, Belfast, Cork City, and Derry. Other than visiting cities, you should also see some traditional Irish dancing and music. Lastly, you can discover a lot of Celtic culture remains throughout the whole country.

About Ireland

What sets Ireland apart from its neighboring countries is the incredible beauty of the country, the island’s turbulent history, the wide smiles that welcome you on arrival, and the heartfelt farewell on your departure. Discover Ireland. The island awaits you. Irish culture is thousands of years old, so enjoy every moment of your cultural journey of discovery. When you get to know the Irish, they truly become friends for life.

Ireland has a long history that is still clearly present in the country, mainly because it is filled with castles, monasteries, and other types of gorgeous ruins. If you want a holiday where you could visit a different castle every day, you should travel to Ireland.