Traveling through wheelchair accessible Estonia is a special experience. This country was barely known twenty years ago. Now, it is a member of the European Union. You travel through cities with picturesque medieval centers, Orthodox churches, and modern shopping centers. Besides that, you can also visit the countryside. Here, you imagine yourself in a completely different world with endless forests, wooden houses, and horse-drawn carriages.


What to see

The beautiful nature of the country ensures that Estonia impresses everyone. Beautiful old historic cities such as Tallinn are alternated with small fishing villages and rugged cliffs. Although most of the country is uninhabited and preserved. There is a lot to do and experience. Estonia also has another 1500 islands. The majority is unoccupied. Estonia is doing well in terms of nature parks. The parks are well managed so that, for example, raccoons can still enjoy a lot of freedom.

The harmony of old and new stands out in the cozy capital, Tallinn. The old city district “Vanalinn”, which is situated on a hill, has many historical sights, including the old Orthodox Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the Dominican monastery, and the Toomkirik church. The number of museums and cultural heritage make Tallinn an interesting destination. For example, there are underground excursions where you can learn a bit about the military history of the country.

About Estonia

Estonia is a small country in northeastern Europe. It has national borders with Latvia and Russia and is separated from Finland by the Gulf of Finland. The western part of Estonia borders the Baltic Sea. There are several hundred small islands off the coast of Estonia, most of which are uninhabited. The highest point in Estonia is Mount Suur Munamägi at 318 meters. On the mountain, you find a lookout tower from which you have a magnificent view of the country. The longest river in the country is the Emajõgi that runs near the city of Tartu. The Capital Tallinn is the largest city in the country.

In Estonia, you find the temperate maritime climate. The winter months are cold and wet. The average temperature will remain below 0 degrees Celsius for most of the winter period. The precipitation will mainly come down as snow. The more inland parts of the country are generally slightly less cold. The summer months are pleasant, but rarely very hot. The average temperature in this period is just above 20 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is highest in the second half of the year. Real weather extremes rarely occur in the country.

Estonian is the national language of Estonia and is spoken by almost all Estonians. In addition to the official national language, many people speak Russian. In the cities, you can also have a proper conversation using English.

Since 2011, the Euro is the official currency of Estonia. You find enough ATMs in the cities. The habits associated with tips are different everywhere. In Estonia, the service charge is included in the hotel or restaurant bill. For good service, tip 5-10%.