Olden Norway

Have you always been a nature lover trying to discover as many places as possible? If you have not visited Norway yet, this is your chance. All our private tours in accessible Olden are suitable for wheelchair users, slow walkers, scooter users, and non-disabled travelers.

The tours in Olden are flexible. Therefore, contact us if you want to visit other sites not mentioned in the tours below!


Jostedalsbreen in Olden Norway

Scenic tour in and around wheelchair accessible Olden – Approx. 3 hours

On this tour, you will see nature as you have never seen before. Norway consists of many beautiful places with amazing views, of which you will discover a few on this 3-hour tour. The drive to, and the viewings themselves, are both evenly mesmerizing.

Briksdalsbreen glacier Norway

Accessible panoramic tour in Olden, Stryn – Approx. 3 hours

On this 3-hour tour, you will enjoy the drive as much as the various photo stops. The local driver-guide takes you through nature routes with the most mesmerizing views. On this day, you will see the Briksdalsbreen area, with its valleys, mountains, waterfalls, and a lake.

Tours in Olden

On our private accessible Olden tours, you will see innumerable different perspectives of nature. Discover spectacular rock formations and fascinating natural phenomena that you only find on this side of the world – all from the comfort of your chair.

Most of the tours in Olden will start from the cruise port. Your English-speaking driver guide will pick you up in an adapted vehicle. He will bring you to all the exciting places while explaining the history and anecdotes of the various sites.

About Olden

Olden is located in the Norwegian province, Vestland, and functions as a berth for cruise ships. It is surrounded by steep mountains, outstanding waterfalls, and impressive glaciers.

The colors blue and green will get a completely different interpretation than before. Olden is known for its typical nature activities such as kayaking, hiking, and biking. Besides being sportive, you can also lean back and rest while enjoying the stunning views.

Although the village is on the smaller side, it offers many things to do, see, and eat. You can go from drinking a cup of coffee in a restaurant to seeing the largest glacier in Europe.