Accessible panoramic tour in Olden, Stryn

Highlights of this tour

  • Picturesque drive
  • The Briksdalsbreen.
  • The best-known arm of the largest glacier in Europe
  • Lovatnet lake

Accessibility information

  • Use of adapted vehicle for transportation.
  • Picturesque drive in an adapted car
  • Accessible toilet at the Briksdalsbreen

What is included?

  • Private tour
  • Tour duration: 3 hours
  • English-speaking driver-guide
  • Private adapted vehicle
  • Pick up and drop off from the cruise port

What is not included?

  • Food and drinks, to be paid for on the day
  • Gratuities
  • Entrance tickets, where applicable
Briksdalsbreen glacier Norway
Lovatnet lake Norway
Briksdalsbreen Olden, Stryn

About this wheelchair-accessible panoramic tour in Olden in Stryn

The 3-hour nature tour in Norway starts from the cruise port in Olden. Your English-speaking driver-guide takes you on this beautiful, memorable ride with stunning picturesque views. The driver will make various stops to give you a better idea of a specific spot and explain more about what you see.


Briksdalsbreen, or the Briksdals glacier in English, is one of the most famous arms of the Jostedalsbreen glacier. It is located on the northern side of the largest glacier in Europe. The Briksdalsbreen flows into a small glacial lake that lies ± 350 meters (1.148 ft) above sea level.

The glacier has formed the Briksdalen valley over 2500 years ago. People have been visiting the valley for more than 100 years. It created a beautiful place with smooth rocks covered in glooming vegetation.

The last time the glacier receded was 2000 years ago. However, it has started to move again because of global warming. It is expected that the glacier will eventually break from the Jostedalsbreen glacier.

Your driver-guide will tell you more about the glacier and its environment. Learn about the often-overlooked details and what makes the glacier so unique. Roll around, enjoy the sight and create some unforgettable memories.

Mountains and many waterfalls surround the glacier. You get to see spectacles that can not be seen everywhere. So, take your phone out and capture your surrounding beauty.

This place is made for you if you are a nature lover. It offers one of the most scenic views in the whole of Norway. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy the view while enjoying some delicious Norwegian dishes.


The drive to Lovatnet is equally beautiful as the lake itself. The first thing you will notice the moment you get out of the vehicle is the bright green color of the lake. It is different from the color you see in pictures.

During this stop, you also get to know more about the history. Your private driver-guide will tell you about the settlements taken by one of the worst natural disasters in 1905 and 1936. The story is interesting because you also learn how people dealt with the tragedy.

At the end of this 3-hour tour, your private driver-guide takes you back to the cruise port in Olden.

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