Accessible Knossos Iraklion rethymno hero

Highlights of this tour

  • Palace of Knossos
  • Modern Iraklion
  • City of Rethymno

Accessibility information

  • Use of adapted vehicle for transportation
  • Use of the adapted vehicle for transportation between the sites

What is included?

  • Private tour
  • Tour duration: 7 hours
  • English speaking driver guide
  • Free WIFI
  • Fuel and bottled water
  • Pick up/drop off from the Chania, Souda Bay and Iraklion cruise port, or at your accommodation

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Food and drinks
  • Tickets for points of interest (when required)
  • By local law, driver guides are not allowed to tour the archaeological sites. An official licensed guide can be added for an additional fee.
  • If a guide is added, the maximum number of participants is four people, including one wheelchair or scooter user.
Accessible Knossos Iraklion rethymno hero ruins
Accessible Knossos and Iraklion - water
accessible flexible rethymno city tour - lighthouse

About this wheelchair accessible Knossos, Iraklion, and Rethymno tour

This accessible tour takes you to Knossos, Iraklion, and Rethymno. Your private driver-guide picks you up at the Iraklion cruise port or your accommodation and helps you get in the adapted vehicle. A quick drive brings you to your destination. From there on, you get to uncover all the secrets as the Palace of Knossos, the city of Iraklion, and Rethymno. At the end of the tour, your driver drops you off at your accommodation or the Iraklion cruise port.

Palace of Knossos

The archeological site ‘Knossos’ is of great importance for the knowledge of the Minoan civilization. It holds the remains of the Palace of King Minos, the most important ruler of the Cretan civilization, son of Zeus, king of the gods. Minos acquired the throne with the help of the Greek god Poseidon. From Knossos, he got his hands on many islands. A lot of Greek myths originate from this unique Palace.

The Palace was an intricate building built around a central court. Apart from royal apartments, it also enclosed ceremonial chambers, treasure rooms, and homes occupied by other residents.

Modern Iraklion

The city of Iraklion started developing during the 9th century AD, and after that, it came under Arabic, Venetian, and Ottoman rule. Today, it is the largest city of Crete.

Many sights are worth a visit in the city of Iraklion. Some of the most magnificent ones are the fortifications, built around the old town for protection during multiple eras in history. The first fortifications were created by the Byzantines and were later improved by the Arabs. In the 15th century, the Venetians reinforced them completely. Most of the walls you see today date from the time of the Venetians.

In the center of the city, there are many more beautiful sights. The church of Agios Titos is worth a visit due to its drastic history. The church has Byzantine origins. The Venetians converted it to a Catholic church, and after that, the Ottomans turned it into a mosque. Ever since 1925, it has been an Orthodox church. Next to this church, you find the Venetian Loggia, built so the nobles could socialize and spend their time in a luxurious place.

Other elements you find all over the city are the typical Venetian and Turkish fountains. Because of the construction of these fountains, the water supply issues disappeared. The most famous Venetian fountain is the fountain Μorozini. Besides this Venetian fountain, you have the Bembo fountain, the Sagredo fountain, the Priuli fountain, etc. The most famous Turkish fountain is the Charity fountain.


Rethymno is a wonderful and lively city with lots of cozy narrow streets and shops. There is a long and wide sandy beach with a boulevard across the street with shops, supermarkets, and many spots to eat or drink. The fishing port is also enjoyable with many (fish)restaurants. Look for good restaurants and shops in the small streets of the old town. Also, strolling through the small alleys are worthwhile. One of the main tourist attractions is the Fortezza. A large and beautiful fortress that takes you back in time. From this fortress, you get a beautiful view of the city and the sea.


Keep in mind that your driver guide can not access or tour any of the archaeological sites by local law. If you wish a guide to accompany you to tour inside the sites or museums, please let us know when booking this tour. 

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