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All our private tours and shore excursions are suitable for wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, and able-bodied travelers. Explore the city with private adapted transport. Visit O Berbés Market. See the beautiful Fortaleza do Castrot. Combine Vigo with a visit to Baiona. When you wish to visit a site that is not listed here, please contact us, as the itineraries are flexible.


Fortaleza del Castro Vigo

Wheelchair Accessible City tour Vigo – Approx. 4 hours

Discover the beauty of the old town of Vigo. During this four hour tour, you get to stroll over the fish market, take in stunning views over the city and harbor, and the cathedral.

Boats in Galicia

Wheelchair Accessible Vigo old town + ferry to Cangas – Approx. 4 hours

During a two hour walk, you get to explore the Old Town of Vigo. The Old Town is best characterized as a small charismatic neighborhood in the center of a bustling industrial city. The rest of the tour goes to Cangas.

Baiona castle

Wheelchair Accessible City Tour Vigo and Baiona – Approx. 7 hours

During this seven-hour tour that includes adapted transportation you see the fish market in Vigo and stunning views from the fortress. After Vigo, you go to the beautiful coastal town Baiona.

Bridge Galicia

Discover Wheelchair Accessible Vigo and its surroundings – Approx. 8 hours

Discover Vigo and its surroundings together with us during this eight hours driver guided tour. To see all the magnificent sights this area offers, you have to cross the border to Portugal. Be assured; you see the best of both worlds.

About Vigo

Vigo is a pretty small fishing village in Galicia. Galicia is a unique region with its own language, Galician. The province is known for its wild coastline with cliffs and beaches and is where one finds Santiago de Compostela. A quarter million people visit the Santiago pilgrim trails every year.

Vigo is a historic and very cultured city. The Casco Vello, which is the name of the old town, is charming with many nooks and crannies to explore. The modern city part of Vigo is spreading from the East to the heart of the city. The Praza de Compostela, which is a lot like a park, is a beautiful green space in the middle of the different buildings of Vigo. This town offers many different possibilities to spend your time, so visit with us and soak up the local history and enjoy some of the famed local cuisines.

Tours in Vigo

Join us for our very popular walking/rolling tour in Vigo, a wonderous historical City with delights to explore around every corner and we have two additional tours for you to consider as well. Whether visiting as part of a cruise day stopover or for a longer period Vigo has something to offer visitors of all ages and we will be delighted to introduce you to this delightful destination accompanied by one of our experienced and qualified guides.

Other tour options are available with additional trips around the town and surrounding areas in fully wheelchair accessible adapted vehicles. Consult us for more information and reservations here.