Wheelchair accessible Cagliari City tour

Highlights of this tour

  • Cagliari
  • Bonaria Sanctuary
  • Monte Urpini
  • Poetto beach
  • The Castello
  • The Elephant and Saint Pancras Towers
  • Saint Mary’s Cathedral
  • The Medieval Rampart of Saint Remy
  • Piazza Palazzo

Accessibility information

  • Use of the adapted vehicle for transportation between the sites
  • Requires little walking/rolling
  • Few cobblestones
  • Bonaria is accessible, but the Cathedral is not
  • Poetto beach is wheelchair accesible

What is included?

  • Private Tour
  • Tour duration: 4 hours
  • Private adapted vehicle
  • Driver guided tour
  • Tour adjustable to your wishes
  • Door to door
  • Pick up from cruise port or your accommodation

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrances, unless stated
  • A private licensed guide can be added, at an additional cost
Bonaria Cagliari
Poetto beach Sardinia
Streets of Cagliari

About this wheelchair accessible Cagliari city tour

Your driver guide will meet you at the cruise port or your accommodation with private adapted transport, and together you first head to the Bonaria Sanctuary. During this wheelchair accessible Cagliari city tour, you explore the city of Cagliari, the Capital of Sardinia situated in the south of the island, and its beautiful surroundings.

Bonaria Sanctuary

The first stop will be an inside visit of the miraculous Bonaria Sanctuary. This religious complex consists of a small Catalan Gothic church dating back to the 14th century, and the Neoclassical Basilica (not wheelchair accessible), built around the 18th century.

Your Accessible Cagliari City Tour continues upwards to the hill of Monte Urpini, which is the highest point of Cagliari, facing the gulf of Cagliari. Also known as the ‘Gulf of the Angels.’ From here, you see the Cape that divides the two bays surrounding the city, the Devil’s Saddle, an excellent panoramic viewpoint. On the opposite side, you have views on the fortified quarter of the ‘Castello’ with its network of lanes and monuments, preserving the Spanish footprint.

Poetto beach

The next stop on your tour is Poetto beach, time to unwind. The beach is fully accessible with ramps and beach wheelchairs (depending on the time of year). After your relaxing stop on the Poetto beach, the visit to the Castello is the highlight of your day, the most ancient site in town. The Castello consists of the Medieval Rampart of Saint Remy, the Elephant and Saint Pancras Towers, and Saint Mary’s Cathedral on the beautiful Piazza Palazzo.

Furthermore, you visit the market of San Benedetto, the biggest closed market of Italy, for some shopping, and wine and cheese tasting before you make your way back to the cruise port or your accommodation again.

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