Naples Pompeii and Amalfi coast Hero

Highlights of this tour

  • Pompeii
  • Amalfi coast and surrounding villages

Amalfi Coast town options:

  • Pompeii, Ravello, Amalfi Town
  • Pompeii, Positano, Sorrento

Accessibility information

  • Use of adapted vehicle for transportation
  • Requires little walking/rolling

What is included?

  • Private Tour
  • Tour duration: approx 9 hrs
  • English-speaking driver-guide
  • English speaking licensed guide, 2 hrs, Pompeii
  • Adapted transportation
  • Door to door
  • Pick-up from your accommodation or cruise port in Naples

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrances Pompeii, to be paid on the day
path in pompeii
Amalfi coast
Sorrento view Naples, Pompeii and Amalfi coast

About this wheelchair accessible Naples, Pompeii and Amalfi coast tour

Your accessible taxi will pick you up from the cruise port or your hotel in Naples. Throughout the Naples, Pompeii and Amalfi coast tour, you have an English-speaking driver-guide at your disposal.

During this tour from Naples to Pompeii and the Amalfi coast you witness the fascinating history and remains of Pompeii as well as the picturesque and colorful Amalfi coast line. The itinerary is flexible so we can alter it according to your wishes. Tell us which stops you wish to make this day, and we arrange what is possible in the time you have. Keep in mind that after visiting Pompeii, the viewing times in the three other villages is limited.


After half an hour’s drive, you will explore the archeological site of Pompeii with your private tour guide. In 79 AD, the Vesuvius destroyed the entire town of Pompeii. Or so everyone thought… Everything remained preserved because of the speed with which the city got flooded by the lava and the tons of ash that covered the city. During the nineteenth and twentieth century, archeologists dug up the hidden city and found an entire civilization. The site of Pompeii is, therefore, a popular place to visit in Italy. Your private guide will tell tales about the society who used to live there and how the civilization came to its end.

Accessibility note: The route is 3 km long and is accessible for wheelchair users. Along the route, some ramps are installed that give access to the most important buildings on the site. Click here to read more about the accessibility of Pompeii in our blog post!

Amalfi coast and surrounding villages

Possible options:

  1. Ravello, Amalfi Town, Sorrento
  2. Positano, Sorrento, Ravello
  3. Amalfi Town, Ravello, Positano

The Amalfi coast is famous for its colorful hilltop villages and that is exactly what you are going to visit! There are various villages to see and visit, however visiting every one of them in just one day is not possible. Each destination is different and beautiful, so let us know which towns you wish to include during this day tour.


Up first on the coastline is Sorrento. It is famous for its high-quality lemons. If you want to drink a fresh lemonade or a shot of the typical limoncello, Sorrento is the perfect place for you! This romantic town was once the holiday destination of some of the most famous literary geniuses. Such as Dickens, Goethe, and Tolstoy. The paveways throughout the city are overall fairly flat. Sorrento is slightly bigger than the other villages, which is why it overall feels less crowded. Visit this town and experience for yourself why this place is so magical!


The next charming village is Positano with its magnificent pastel-colored houses. After you have visited this town, you will probably want to paint your house in a pastel color as well. Time for various photo stops. as Positano is a real pleasure for the eyes! Stroll around the beautiful alleys, do some shopping, and take in the beautiful view over the bay. Be prepared for some cobbles here.


Just before Amalfi lies the small and very charming town of Ravello, with the beautiful main square from which you will have amazing views. In the pedestrian streets, you can retrace the deeds of Wagner. This is one of the towns that inspired act 2 of the opera Parsifal by Richard Wagner.


And finally, you arrive at the town that gives its name to the entire coastline, Amalfi! Over here you can find clear blue water, impressive pastel houses on the hill and a delightful Mediterranean climate. Another interesting fact about this village is that it is a traditional paper-making town. You can learn about the secrets of the production of paper over here. The pavements are overall quite smooth. The Cathedral itself is not accessible though, accessed with stairs.

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