All our accessible private Alicante tours are suitable for wheelchair travelers, scooter users, slow walkers, and non-disabled travelers. Most people visit Spain for Madrid or Barcelona, but cities such as Alicante could be even more enjoyable. It is less touristic, which will make it easier for you to move around.

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palm-lined esplanade alicante

Wheelchair accessible Alicante Historical Wonders Tour – Approx. 4 hours

Enjoy the brightness and colors that the city, Alicante, has to offer. You will visit locations with amazing views and sites that have an admirable story to tell. Taste some local dishes and embrace the euphoric feeling you get during this 4-hour wheelchair-accessible tour.

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Tours in Alicante

During the Alicante tour, you will see a lot of different things. You will visit places and sites with incredible views and vibrant histories. Your English-speaking guide will pick you up from the cruise port at the beginning of the day. With private adapted transport, he will bring you to all the exciting locations in Alicante.

About Alicante

There is something to do for everyone in Alicante. From sunbathing during the day to partying at night. Even though Alicante is known for thrill-seeking experiences, there is much more to see.

The Romans gave Alicante a second name, ‘Lecentum,’ which can be translated to ‘city of light.’ It means that they saw Alicante as a shining city. Even nowadays you see the city’s brightness in the people, buildings and nature. It is definitely worth a visit.