Wheelchair accessible South Africa is about the same size as Spain and France combined. You find spectacular landscapes, cultural sights, gorgeous vineyards, and more. Besides that, South Africa is also known for its extravagant collection of small and large wildlife. It is clear: an unforgettable adventure awaits you!


What to see

South Africa is a large country that offers everything you can imagine. At the foot of the imposing Table Mountain, you find one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Cape Town. Here you will climb Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, visit Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for years and tour the many sights that Cape Town has to offer. Besides Cape Town, you can also experience a wonderful Safari. South Africa is known for its extensive wildlife. Discover all the big and small animals in the area over multiple days. Explore the most wonderful spots in the country. Lastly, you should also visit Durban. Durban is one of the most impressive coastal towns you can imagine. With more than three hundred days of sunshine a year, Durban is also known as the Miami of South Africa. The city has about three million inhabitants and because of the amount of Indians who live there, Durban also serves the tastiest curries in South Africa.

About South Africa

South Africa can be divided into three main landscapes: the central highlands, the large peripheral mountains, and the coastal strip.
In the wildlife parks and reserves, you can spot lions, tigers, and other animals with land robbers on dirt roads. The safaris are a real experience not to be missed.
In South Africa, you pay with the South African rand. It is also common to leave a tip. In restaurants and hotels, a tip of 10 – 15% on top of the bill is most commonly used. Taxi drivers, chambermaids, etc. also expect a tip.