The wheelchair accessible island of Ibiza is one of the islands belonging to the Balearic Islands, an island group to the east of mainland Spain. Ibiza is best known as a party island, as an island where you can completely relax, and as an island that will ensure you enjoy life. It is sometimes said that a visit to Ibiza changes you forever. It is not without reason that many people who have ever visited Ibiza go back at least once to relive the unique feeling you experience here. Ibiza is a unique place on this earth.


What to see

Luxury hotels, expensive clubs, and partying young people everywhere. That is the image that so many people have of Ibiza. However, anyone who has ever visited Eivissa, also known as Ibiza Town, knows better. This city has a long history and is a World Heritage Site with beautiful monuments. Visit this unique city and be surprised by its beauty and coziness! Besides this wonderful city, there is a lot more to discover in Ibiza. There are many hidden treasures, authentic restaurants, and bays you can find on this island. It is filled with so many beautiful things.

About Ibiza

Ibiza is located in the Mediterranean Sea and therefore has a Mediterranean climate. The characteristics of this type of climate are that the winters are quite mild and that the summers are generally warm and sun-drenched.

The official language in Ibiza is Spanish. The island of Ibiza is very touristic. That is why many people have a basic knowledge of English as well.

In Ibiza, you pay with the euro. You can withdraw money from the many ATMs that you mainly see in tourist places. Paying with credit cards is mainly possible at the better restaurants, at hotels, and several shops. A credit card is often necessary to rent a car. A tip is not necessary for the wait staff in Ibiza but is certainly appreciated. Round up your restaurant bill as a token of appreciation.