The wheelchair accessible Azores is an archipelago, or island chain, of nine volcanic islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. These remote islands offer a diversity of highlights to visit and see, especially for nature-lovers. Discover this wonderful location during your next holiday.


What to see

The accessible islands in the Azores were formed many years ago by mother nature through volcanic and seismic activity. Therefore, the islands offer a wide variety of natural wonders.

In the Azores, you will have the opportunity to discover Ponta Delgada. It is one of the three capitals of the islands. It is situated on São Miguel Island, which is the biggest island of them all. One of the natural wonders you can visit during our accessible tours is Lagoa do Fogo. The name means ‘Lake Fire’. It is the highest crater lake that you find on the island. The lake arose from a volcanic eruption of the Pico da Sapateira. Luckily, the area is declared as a protected nature reserve. As a result, building around the lake is prohibited, so the view will always remain intact! Fun fact: in Ponta Delgada, you find the only tea plantation in Europe.

About the Azores

Since the Azores are officially part of Portugal, you pay with the euro and the same tipping rules apply. The Azores are also one of the Disabled Accessible Travel team’s favorite accessible destinations in Europe amongst many others. Read more about our top 8 here. The island attracts visitors with the help of its incredible charm, with its bright green vegetation and astonishing lakes.

The climate of the islands is very diverse and changes all the time because of its location in the Atlantic Ocean. It can be sunny and hot, but also windy and rainy all in the same day! So, check the weather forecasts and bring all types of clothes when booking your accessible trip. Because of the rain, nature looks amazingly green on the islands.

You can visit these islands while on a cruise or you can just fly there.