21 november 2016

Eating out in Barcelona is a journey of delights with a fabulous diversity of Catalan, Basque and Spanish dishes available in the plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants that exist in the city.

Look in particular for the Pintxa tapas bars, easily recognizable as each food morsel has a cocktail stick stuck through the middle of it and all the food is displayed on the counter.

Grab a plate and help yourself from the bar counter where the food is stacked. Eat, enjoy and expect to pay around €1,60 per stick. Your bill is based on the number of cocktail sticks you have when finished eating.

Favored Catalan tapas include Patatas Bravas (deep fried potatoes served with a spicy sauce), Pan con Tomate (baguette slices covered with the juice of tomatoes and olive oil), and Jamon Iberico (sliced cured ham, simply divine in most eateries, expect to pay around €16 for a plate). Not forgetting of course a wide range of olives.

To accompany these culinary delights you might want to try locally produced wines and brandies. Sodas such as Coke cost more than beers, wines and coffees, as do bottles of water and fruit juice in many cafes. So you have a small incentive to enjoy the locally produced beers, wines and spirits of Barcelona and the Penedes region of Catalunya.

If you are on a budget then look for ‘menu del día’ signs. You will be served with three courses for around €10 to €15 including drinks (soft drinks, wine/beer or coffee) from a selection of three or four dish options. Usually for each of the three courses, great value for money always.

Note that all eating and drinking establishments are no smoking zones. If you get the urge for a nicotine buzz outside you go!