land sailing
Sailing on land
assistance sailing on land


Highlights of this tour

  • Accessible land sailing
  • Accessibility assistance
  • Instructor
  • Theoretical and practical lessons

Accessible sailing on land

Are you ready for some fun on three wheels? Then accessible sailing on land is perfect for you! Firstly, you get a lesson to learn a bit about the sport and how everything works. The lesson is divided into two parts: The first is the theoretical part where the basic steps are learned and the second is practical. You will learn to handle the sheet, determine where the wind comes from and take the rudder to control the direction. Does this all sound like Chinese to you? Then congratulations, you are a beginner and perfect for this course!

*The participant is accompanied at all times by a supervisor.


Before starting, there will be a form and you will have to pass a simple test to see if there are no barriers. Safety above all!

About sailing on land

Did you know that Mallorca is an accessible sports paradise? Sailing on land is not the only thing you can do on this idyllic island. You can also go golfing, sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, and water skiing. Therefore, the island is very beloved by the disabled visitor. But let us focus on sailing on land for now. Now, what is this mysterious sport no one ever talks about? It has actually been around since the 1900′, but it still remains a rather unknown sport. How does it work? You basically move across the land in a wheeled vehicle that is powered by wind through the use of a sail. The vehicle functions as a normal sailboat but you have to lie down or sit to steer the boat. You operate it with pedals or hand levers. Ready? Set. Sail away!