Accessible land and sea excursion
Amphibious chair in water
Joelette on the roll


Highlights of this tour

  • Accessible boat ride
  • Visit the national park with Joelette
  • Accessible swim in an amphibious chair
  • Red Cross service and assistance

First stop

The meeting point of this accessible land and sea excursion is at the harbor of Colònia de Sant Jordi. If you want, we can arrange an accessible taxi that picks you up from your accommodation and takes you to the port. From the port, you set sail straight to the island and National Park of Cabrera. You spend about half an hour on the boat until you arrive at the island of Cabrera. So relax and enjoy the fresh and salty breeze of the sea air. You will encounter several small and stunning islands before you dock at the port of Cabrera. A waterproof camera could come in handy here! Once at the island, you are welcomed by the guides of the Interpretation Center of the Natural Park and get the necessary information. Then, you proceed and go on a tour with the people of the Red Cross. They will help you to get into the Joelette (see picture 3) and explore the island together with you. Note: the use of the Joelette requires a person to be transferred from their wheelchair into the Joelette.

Second stop

With the Joelette, you take a trip on the island and visit the ancient Castle of Cabrera. Once at the top, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the island and take great pictures! Obviously, there is also time to enter the water for a swim and all accessible!  The Red Cross will help you into the chair and take you out for a swim in the water. Enjoy the relaxing waves of the ocean. 

Third stop

After the time and activities on the island, you head back to the port. From there, you set sail to the legendary Blue Cave. With its beautiful deep blue water, it is one of the most beautiful caves you will find. When you are done discovering the cave, it is time to return back to the harbor of Colònia de Sant Jordi.

*This tour is only available from your hotel in Mallorca.

*The Red Cross service, amphibious chair, and Joelette come with no extra costs. However, these services need to be available the day you want to book this trip.