Colored houses in Cobh Ireland

Possible highlights of this tour:

  • Cobh Cathedral, inside visit
  • Titanic Experience
  • Blarney

Accessibility Information:

  • Entrance Cathedral with ramp
  • The ‘Titanic Experience’ is fully wheelchair accessible

What is included?

  • Private tour
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • English-speaking driver-guide
  • Private adapted transportation
  • Pick up at the cruise port or your city center accommodation

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrances, unless stated
Cobh St Colman's Cathedral
St Colman's Cathedral in Cobh Ireland
Titanic badge
Blarney Castle Cork

About this wheelchair-accessible Cobh tour, including the Titanic Experience

During this 5-hour private tour, you will discover more of the Cobh cathedral, a very well-known church in Cork, Ireland. You also get the chance to experience an unforgettable Titanic experience. After a few hours of touring, you will be able to see more of Blarney’s spectacular views and have some lunch.

St Colman’s Cathedral

Your local driver-guide will take you to the highest point in Cobh where you can see the imposing church. The St Colman’s Cathedral stands as the tallest church in Ireland, at 91 meters. You will learn more about its history, and you have the option to visit the inside of this accessible cathedral.

As the church is located very high, you can see the surroundings of Cobh from a bird’s eye perspective without going to the top of the building. The tower also has a carillon with 49 bells! It is one of the most extensive bells in a church in Europe.

Titanic experience

From the cathedral, you continue towards the ‘Titanic Experience’ in Cobh. Here you learn more about the final passengers who embarked on the ship and the cruise.

You have heard of the cruise ship Titanic and the tragic reality behind it. Maybe your great-great-grandparent experienced it but did not have the chance to tell its tale. Well, today is the day that will change. The ‘Titanic Experience’ includes a guided group visit to the last port of call where the final 123 passengers of the Titanic boarded.

You can find the wheelchair-accessible entrance on the right side of the building, recognizable by a ramp. There is also a lift that takes you to the reception where everything is on a single level.

The establishment has an exciting interior mirroring the Titanic. You will go through the whole experience of the cruise ship from beginning till end. When you get inside, you receive a ticket with the name of one of the 123 passengers that boarded in Cobh. The guide of the Titanic Experience explains everything that you see and stroll by. In the end, after the ship has sunk, you will find out if your passenger survived the cruise or not.

The end of the guide’s explanation does not mean it is the end of exploring. You get some spare time to walk/stroll around the setting before leaving to the next stop.


After an exciting experience on the Titanic, you have the option to relax while enjoying the beautiful views in Blarney. You can have some lunch, and you will have some free time to stroll around the location. Do not forget to visit the charming shops nearby and treat yourself to a souvenir, to make this day even more memorable.

Your driver-guide will take you back to the cruise port or your city center accommodation at the end of the tour.

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