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Highlights of this tour:

  • The Achilleion palace

Accessibility Information:

  • Use of the adapted vehicle for transportation between the sights
  • There is a gentle slope up from the gates to the main entrance of the Palace
  • Two steps to the front door; entry by means of a ramp
  • Gardens not accessible, steps to enter and hilly

What is included?

  • Private Tour
  • Tour duration: 4 hours
  • Officially licensed English-speaking guide
  • Private adapted vehicle
  • Tour adjustable to your wishes
  • Pick up from cruise port

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrances, unless stated
  • A pick up from your accommodation can be arranged. This may change the tour duration.
Achilleion tour view from Achilleion
Achilleion tour sissi statue
Achilleion tour stairs

About this wheelchair accessible Achilleion tour

Your wheelchair accessible Achilleion tour starts at the cruise port where your English-speaking licensed guide picks you up with adapted transportation. You will find your guide by the sign she is holding with your name on it, and together you head to Achilleion.

The Achilleion

The Achilleion is a palace, located in the mountain village of Gastouri, ten kilometers southwest of the city of Kerkyra. This palace has been the summer residence of two of the most important royals in European history: the Empress of Austria and Hungary Elisabeth, better known as “Sissi” and the Emperor of Germany Wilhelm II.

During the two world wars, it served as headquarters and hospital. The Greek government then rented it out to a German casino company, which restored a lot of the building. They also collected many objects that belonged to or related to the lives of the two imperial owners and brought them back to Achilleion. At that time there was a museum downstairs and a casino upstairs. Now it is owned by the Greek Tourism Organization. Downstairs is the museum, upstairs it has been open to the public since 2015 and this part is no longer a casino.

The empress Elisabeth

Once you arrive, a strange sense of awe overwhelms anyone that gazes over the imposing form of the palace. The palace dominates the area with its presence, residing between the cypress trees and other exotic plants and flowers which surround it. The empress Elisabeth built the palace to escape the tragedies of her life. William II purchased it after her untimely death.

A lot has changed since Sissi built the palace. But what is still there and is a must-see, is the beautiful mural, positioned right at the reception — Marvel at the wall painting where Achilles carries the dead body of Hector.

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